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Cheap Air Jordan 11 Shoes Sale.Giving these sneakers the “Black Cat” moniker makes them the third Jordan with that name, after the Black Cat 4s in 2006 and then the Black Cat 3s in 2007. Both of those shoes were entirely black from toe to heel, and mostly done up in nubuck—but the name predates both of those shoes, the Air Jordan Brand, and even Michael Jordan’s career.In fact, “black cat” was a nickname of Jordan’s when he was growing up.Tinker Hatfield, who designed the bulk of the first half of the Air Jordan game shoes, didn’t even know about this nickname until after designing the Jordan III, which was modeled after a black panther.Cheap Jordan 11 Retro. Hatfield says that Jordan got emotional after hearing about the inspiration behind the new style, and the image of the black panther has shadowed Jordan Brand ever since.That being said, until Jordan Brand officially adopts that name for these sneakers, they won’t be a part of that brand-sanctioned history. But that’s never stopped fans from creating a parallel storyline before. Sneaker culture is replete with oral histories, rumors, and stories to create an alternate mythos that does more to describe fluctuating trends and themes than the stories the brands themselves release. And that’s a part of the fun.Real Cheap Jordan For Sale.

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