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Axe Rawat and we will think of coming back Rebel Congress leader and former chief minister Vijay Bahuguna said on Tuesday that he along with eight other party MLAs who shifted their allegiance to the BJP will consider homecoming if Harish Rawat is removed from the party. will seriously consider rejoining the Congress if Harish Rawat is removed from the party, Bahuguna said. Retro Air Jordan 25 Discount.He told HT that he will file a defamation suit against Rawat if the latter did not apologise for his allegation that the BJP bribed him to win his support, within three days. have already served him a court notice, Bahuguna said. Rawat, however, denied having received any court notice from Bahuguna. has he filed the defamation case in Mumbai (high court) or elsewhere? Retro Air Jordan 25 Discount.the recently unseated CM jocularly said at a press conference. have not received any notice will offer our reaction when we receive it. questioned Rawat claim that the CD in which he was recently shown brokering a deal worth crores to buy back the nine rebel MLAs was fake. the CD is fake or concocted why doesn he (Rawat) file an FIR against the editor in chief of the television channel who did the sting operation? Authentic Replica Jordan 25.Or, why doesn he deny having met the journalist concerned, the former CM who was replaced by Rawat in 2013 following a change of guard in the state said.

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Bahuguna alleged that Rawat made the allegations of bribery against him to divert the people attention from the fact that he did not resign as the chief minister after his government lost its majority after the money bill fell through in the assembly. Authentic Replica Jordan 25.The former CM said Rawat allegation of bribery against him is baseless. has to be some material evidence to substantiate the allegation, Bahuguna said. He accused Rawat of harassing him and Congress veteran N D Tiwari when they were in power. gracefully resigned in compliance with high command directions. Replica Jordan 25 Shoes Sale. If I wanted I would not let Rawat replace me as the majority of the Congress legislators were against him, he said. no right to play Holi as he has taken the colours out of Punjabis lives, leaving behind only (white, also colloquial reference to heroin). About the size of the Congress rally, he said they had booked 18 acres: acre fits about 6,000 people, which means they needed a lakh; but barely 7,000 8,000 people are there It like a little kid wore the pants of his father. Replica Jordan 25 Shoes Sale.Mann also decried Sukhbir for reportedly telling SAD cadres to take a vow from people to attend the rally before paying obeisance at Takht Damdama Sahib, which is the main venue of the mela held to mark establishment of the Khalsa Panth.

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