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Nobody wants the flu, but Michael Jordan fans sure do love a flu game. As we hit the anniversary of Michael Jordan’s “flu game” during the 1997 NBA Finals, we look not only at the iconic moments that defined MJ’s career, but also the sneakers he wore while making those moments.Authentic Jordan.After all, with Jordan Brand giving us a retro version of the Air Jordan 12 “Flu Game,” these sneaker moments can get recreated.The parquet floor of Boston Garden has played host to many a magical playoff moment. Michael Jordan added to the list in 1986 when facing off against the Larry Bird-led Celtics.Cheap Jordan Shoes. MJ scored 63 points, albeit in a loss, but still, 63 points. The showing gave this rising star a true defining moment.The classic game has a classic sneaker to match. MJ, while donning the red away uniform of the Bulls, wore the Air Jordan 1 in the traditional Chicago Bulls colorway of white and red with a touch of black (the swoosh, for one).Michael Jordan vs. Dominique Wilkins was a slam-dunk showdown like none other in 1988. But it was a show stopped by MJ when he scored a perfect 50 on the final dunk of the night to edge Wilkins for the title. Of course, leaping from the free throw line can help up your score, especially in front of the home crowd on your own floor.Maybe it was the dunk that vaulted the Air Jordan III to such pristine status, but whatever the case, the mostly white AJ III sneakers worn by MJ features the gray/black elephant print that designer Tinker Hatfield introduced on the AJ III. That elephant print has lived on as a Jordan signature ever since.Air Jordan Originals.You might refer to it as The Shot. You know, the one where Jordan hits a game-winner and series-winner with seconds remaining to advance the Bulls in the 1989 playoffs. The one where Jordan jumps into the air with a massive fist pump as Cleveland’s Craig Ehlo melts away in the background. That’s the shot.


Again wearing the all-red Bulls uniform, Jordan paired the red of the jersey and shorts with the black of the Air Jordan IV. The AJ IV had slight touches of red and white, but black dominated the look (except for the white socks, of course).Jordan Sneakers Cheap.Michael Jordan likes to win. And he likes to win in Cleveland. He ensured he won in style in 1990, scoring a career-high 69 points in a 117-113 victory. Jordan took over the game in Cleveland, grabbing 18 rebounds in the process of wowing fans with his point-pouring prowess.Again wearing the road red, MJ opted for the largely white version of the Air Jordan V. With hints of black for the sole and “fire red” for design elements on the sole and collar, the AJV started in 1990 and enjoyed a first stretch of fame with MJ’s career-high game.When Michael Jordan jumped, the ball was in his right hand.Authentic Jordan Discount. While in the air, MJ switched it to his left and then deftly scored, a key moment in the 1991 NBA Finals against the Los Angeles Lakers. The Game 2 play helped lead the Bulls to a victory and eventually an NBA title.While this time in the all-white Bulls uniform, Jordan kept his sneakers largely black.Jordan Originals Cheap.The Air Jordan VI—now known as the Infrared—was nearly solid black, but included hits of red and white around the visible air pocket. A red toggle adds a nice touch.


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